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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules Icon_minitimeSun Jun 21, 2009 12:50 pm

Personal Information
This rule is not just for our forum, it includes the internet. Please don't give out your personal information such as your full name, city, address, phone number, etc.

Multiple Accounts
We do not accept multiple accounts from users. This means that you are entitled to only one username on the Fantage Fansite forums. If you are found breaking this rule, you will be banned forever.

Spamming is defined as posting anything in a topic that doesn't contribute to the thread subject. This forum is not a chat room so please don't use it as one. Before posting in a topic, ask yourself, "Does my post contribute to this topic?". If your post gets deleted, don't repost it, it was deleted for a reason.

Double Posting
Double posting is posting two or more times in a row. If you would like to add on to your post, click the edit button above your post. If you accidentally post two or more times in a row due to internet connection issues, a moderator will delete the unneeded post(s).

You may only advertise in your signature or the website part of your profile.

Inappropriate Pictures/Language
Don't post anything offensive or post anything inappropriate. There are cleaner ways to get your message across. There are children on here and some images or content are not appropriate for some members.

This forum is not about popularity. This forum is about having fun, meeting friends, and discussion on Fantage. Don't make polls on who's cooler or posts on how many more posts you have then a user. Posting is not everything. It's about making quality posts not quantity.

Threads Towards One User
Please don't post threads towards one user. We have a Private Message system which is an easy way to communicate with one member.

Hacking Discussion
Hacking discussion is forbidden. Posting links on how to hack or any hacking program is not allowed. Any discussion on hacking will result in a ban.

Forum Staff:


If you have any questions or suggestions, contact a staff member throughout the Private Message system.
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Forum Rules
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